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We are the UK's best drug rehab centre and is based on the mixed knowledge of the UK’s most experienced & respected addiction treatment counsellors and practitioners. We provide private rehab clinic to help our patients feel secure.

Your Road to Recovery from Addiction...

Is addiction affecting you?

Causing concern or worry?

Over indulging?

Do you have or are you aware of signs that addiction may be impacting negatively on your life? Have you got or noticed signs or symptoms of addiction like weight loss, mood swings, dilated pupils or lost care in appearance?

Are you worried or concerned about someone and don’t know what to do or where to turn?

Addiction Helpline UK is a free confidential helpline here for you with a full team of experts who have direct personal experience, knowledge and understanding of how addiction impacts on the person, immediate family and loved ones. Our staff are ideally placed to support both the individual and those friends and family through the process of identifying addiction issues and through their own long term recovery, how they will be able to offer the best referrals to specialist treatment facilities tailored to the individual’s specific needs, and are best placed to help you identify negative lifestyle patterns and learn strategies to live a healthy and successful lifestyle.

Addiction to drugs can be physical and or psychological depending on the substance. The inability to control the compulsion to continue using the substance of choice, regardless of the negative impact it is having, addicts often start with recreational and experimental use of substances which can then sometimes slowly but more often rapidly take a grip and effect every part of their lives.

As well as addiction to illegal drugs such as heroin, crack cocaine, speed (amphetamine), ecstasy and cannabis, legal highs and prescription drugs also make up a high proportion of drug addicts today. Prescription drugs in fact are rapidly becoming one of the biggest problems within our communities and one of the easiest addictions to form with users are painkillers, sleeping tablets, anti-depressants and ADHD treatments for genuine need initially.

Internet access to these drugs has had a huge impact in recent years with them being made more and more readily available without prescription.

Whatever the substance Addiction Helpline UK can match you to a treatment centre and rehabilitation program specific to your needs. Call us now on 0800 531 6809 to talk with an experienced member of our team for confidential advice and instant referral and admission to numerous treatment clinics both NHS and Private across the UK and abroad.