Best Digital Addiction Treatment in UK

Your Road to Recovery from Addiction...

Smartphone addiction is the biggest and fastest growing clinically recognised digital addiction, however other major digital addictions have been identified including Internet browsing, Social Media, online gaming and online gambling.

All are now acknowledged as growing problems in today’s digital world.

Experts agree that digital use can become problematic for many people within our society but can become more prevalent in individuals who suffer underlying emotional, behavioural and mental health issues including depression and anxiety, with users seeking comfort and escapism through devices and platforms.

Problematic digital media use can develop into full blown addiction which may be a challenge to identify as there can be a fine line between addiction and regular use. Most of us can manage their use well with no negative effect on their daily lives; they are able to function hold down healthy personal relationships, maintain balance and the ability to work, interact socially in a normal balanced way, not prone to compulsion and over dependency to use digital devices constantly to remain connected to the digital world.

Others cannot.

Research has shown many of us now spend too much time on a screen. Over use can lead to many problems for the individual including physical, emotional & psychological. Social isolation can become a reality for some of us. Sometimes the need for a digital detox will be enough to reconnect with the real world.

Sometimes it takes a little more.

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