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Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment in UK by Addiction Helpline UK. We provide treatment for alcoholism in quick time. We help patients recover through an intensive, personalised programme. Alcohol addiction is spreading very fast in the uk. We have special routines for the treatment of alcohol addiction. Thats why we say we are the best alcohol addiction treatment in uk.

Your Road to Recovery from Addiction...

What is it?

Are you problematically drinking ?

Over indulging?

Is your drinking Causing issues with work/Relationships?

There are many options for where you are at in relation to problematic alcohol use, not all people are alcoholic or dependent and may need support to break negative life patterns.

Are you looking to access support designed to help address any issues relating to your alcohol use in a specialist rehabilitation Centre.

For admission to rehab, help and advice for alcohol dependency, Call us now on 0800 531 6809.

Addiction Helpline UK staff can advise on specific options best suited to your needs and make referrals on your behalf and place you with some of the very best UK and Private Overseas rehab and alcohol and detox centres.

Our staff have knowledge and experience of treatment options available and can access referrals to over 100 treatment facilities. Many of our staff have personal experience with alcohol misuse and have gone on to maintain long term abstinence and ongoing recovery. As a team, we are completely aware of how challenging a process like this can be and are able to offer continual and ongoing support through your treatment journey. This support is available to you and your family at the initial point of contact, through the treatment process and going forward into a new way of life.

Professional Intervention Advice and Support :

  • Are concerned about a loved one’s alcohol or drug use?
  • Are you unsure about the best way to broach the issue?
  • Are you unsure of the best way to support your loved one?

Call our professional and experienced intervention team on 0800 531 6809 for confidential and comprehensive advice and support options.